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Success Starts at the Family Table

One of our favorite aspects of living outside of the western world is the emphasis on family time. We've lived in Ecuador with our two boys for 4 months. This year our family will find out what the holidays mean to people in Ecuador. Of course we're curious about special holiday recipes we can share with you too :-)

Ecuador doesn't celebrate thanks-giving on one day. Here, many families gather each Sunday for a family supper, expressing thanks and building intergenerational...

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Clear the Hidden Hurdles to Health

Would you start a new business without the right tools? Purchase a car without a steering wheel? Or go camping without a tent? Neither would we.

Yet so many people are striving to get everything, house projects, self-care, family activities, personal time...without the tools to be successful. It's demoralizing to push hard all day and go to bed feeling like you failed or are close to burning out. If only you had more energy, focus, and stamina to get it all done and still...

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How To Instill a Legacy of Physical and Mental Health Within Your Family Podcast

How To Instill a Legacy of Physical and Mental Health Within Your Family Podcast

Listen to our interview with Christie Rocha of the podcast, Sass Says.

Much of our conversation centers around their big and recent move to Ecuador! We talk about what the adjustment has been like, how they are managing, and what they’ve learned about health so far. We also talk about parenting tips, tricks, and advice for getting kids to eat a wide variety of foods, expand their palates and minds, and what it means to instill a legacy of health.

“When it comes to kids, think...

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Not All Protein is Created Equal. Here's What You Need To Know.

We all know that protein is important for our health, but not all protein sources are created equal.

Protein is composed of a variety of amino acids. Our bodies can produce some amino acids, but others, called essential amino acids, must be ingested. When a food contains all nine essential amino acids it's called a complete protein.

Knowing how to mix and match protein sources to ensure you are getting all the essential amino acids you need is important for your health. Without...

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Let's Talk Mental Health

Let's Talk Mental Health

Press play to listen to our interview on the Sass Says Podcast about what aspect of your physical health you must improve to promote mental-emotional health.

Have you ever struggled with depression, anxiety, PMS, or low energy? What could you do if you felt mental-emotionally on top of the world? How much better would your personal relationships be? What big, bold business move could you make? What adventure would you go on? 

We've seen many clients who work had on...

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