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Your Vegan Family helps you go vegan and establish a sustainable plant-based lifestyle that’s delicious and fun while optimizing health so that you look and feel fabulous while making a positive difference in the world. 

If you don't eat a healthy, whole-food plant-based diet, you are not setting yourself up for optimal health and success. 

Maybe you've powered through Veganuary, tried a plant-based meal plan, or are just trying to get your health in order by eating a plant-focused diet. Maybe you've eaten a plant-based diet for a while, but aren't feeling as great as you expected or you aren't sure a vegan diet can meet your whole family's nutritional needs.

Maybe you're a busy vegan family like us who's always looking for efficient, cost-effective ways to put delicious and nutritious vegan meals on our table. 

The ideals that motivated us to our new diets can’t always carry us through the times when we’re tempted to go off script and dip into a bit of cheese or go for a quick vegan junk food fix.

We’ve been there!

  • Nights when the kids are hungry, it’s already dinner time and we have no plan

  • I want to eat a healthy meal, but it feels too hard
  • We’re hungry, at the store and walk past the cheese section…

  • We’ve popped into a restaurant that doesn’t have vegan items on the menu

  • We’re visiting family and they’re serving up our old favorites

What’s an aspiring plant-based eater to do?


Get educated. Get organized. Stay vegan. 


We eat what we have in the kitchen.

Shop smart with this vegan grocery list.  

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Who is Your Vegan Family?

Markus and Stacy, Nikko and Orion (and adult daughters Isabel and Cierra) have enjoyed vegan lifestyles for over 25 years and traveled to more than 65 countries. One of us is a molecular biologist and the other an Asian medicine practitioner. We're both yoga instructors, scuba divers, gardeners, and we love to make delicious vegan world-fusion cuisine. 

If you're thinking about getting pregnant or are already busy parents, providing the right vegan nutrition for all phases of life in your family makes you feel good but it's not always easy to do, even if you're a family of one. It's our mission to make being a healthy plant-based family easy, fun, and delicious. We vet through the hype, research the science, and give you information and plant-based recipes to help your whole family thrive, even if you are a family of one!  Read More

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