Smart Plant-based Strategies for Optimal Family Health

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Who is Your Vegan Family?

Over the last three decades, we’ve helped thousands of motivated individuals and families like you achieve peak mental and physical performance and well-being through smart, plant-focused dietary strategies.

But we're a little different than most health coaches. 

Markus and Stacy are scientists who leverage:

  • 27 years eating a whole food plant-based diet,
  • Myriad experience including 30 years in health consulting, emergency medicine, reiki, and teaching yoga, 
  • A Master’s in Acupuncture and Asian Medicine and a molecular biology degree from MIT,
  • Raising our two vibrant sons Nikko and Orion vegan since conception, and
  • More than 50 years of exploring our edges through active and adventurous lifestyles.

We don't leave you hanging, trying to eat your healthy diet while having to make separate meals for the kids or your partner. Imagine knowing how to prepare a single meal that can help mom lose weight, dad lower his cholesterol, energize the teenager for basketball season, and support the child’s window for optimal brain development.  

We help you find the center of the Venn diagram and establish your peak performance family diet.

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*We recognize that families come in myriad configurations and we welcome them all. 

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You can do this. 

Together we can find the common ground for a family diet that helps each of you excel.

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Are you wondering if a plant-focused diet is right for you and your family?

Listen to this short video from Dr. Gregor, M.D.. 

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