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Find delicious world fusion plant-based recipes, tips for raising adventurous vegan kids, and get expert advice to grow your online business for ultimate freedom.

Who is Your Vegan Family?

Markus and Stacy, Nikko and Orion (and adult daughters Isabel and Cierra) have enjoyed vegan lifestyles for over 25 years and travelled to more than 65 countries. We love our family adventures and our mission is to share the best tips and strategies to help you be financially independent to travel the world and then bring our favorite vegan international cuisine home to your kitchen between trips.

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Raise Vegan Children

Learn how to raise adventurous eaters and our favorite family vegan recipes.                                                                   

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Make Money for Travel

The best resources we've found to build financial freedom for travel.


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Cook Vegan Global Cuisine

Our favorite vegan recipes from around the world with family friendly options.


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Adopt a Vegan Lifestyle

Learn what it means to be vegan and how to mindfully adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle.


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For adventurous spirits who want financial freedom...

Many of us dream of creating a life and business where we have the ability to travel as much as we want, spend heaps of fun time with our friends and family and explore new and delicious culinary expressions abroad and at home. (Traveling Foodies!)

Some people work at a job for a number of months or years to save money to take a trip, then return home to work and save again. Many are bound to travel only during the 2-4 weeks of vacation time they've earned or to work at jobs they quit in order to travel for longer periods of time before they settle down in another temporary job. This is the Work-Save-Travel-Repeat cycle. 

We prefer the Adventure-As-Much-As-We-Want cycle.

If you're like us:

  • You want freedom. You'd like to earn money WHILE you're adventuring. You like waking up and seeing an increase in your bank account. 
  • You want to have a flexible work schedule. Working 10-20 hours per week on average sounds great. 
  • You care about the environment and want to make the world a better place. 
  • You find joy in creative projects and like to expand your personal skills and capacities. 

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What do you want to do? 

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Live a Vegan Lifestyle


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Make $ to Travel

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Cook Vegan World Cuisine


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Chef's Feature Country:

Exotic World Cuisine of

 Get Our Guide for Cooking Vegan Indian Cuisine

Do you love to eat Indian food? Have you ever felt intimidated about using the spices, specialty ingredients and the complexity of cooking new foods?

We make cooking vegan Indian recipes easy in this how-to guide. We're not chefs. We're a  family who loves to extend our travel experience by cooking international cuisine at home.

Our meals are often a fusion of flavors and cultures. We find it exciting to substitute vegetables or spices, or experiment with surprising combinations.

Indian food is one of our favorites and with two busy boys, we don't have all day to cook.

In our guide you'll find:

  • How to simply set up your pantry
  • How to use the spices of India
  • How to make essential condiments, chutneys and pickles
  • Easy Vegan Indian Recipes
  • How to help your kids love Indian food
  • Where to source spices and supplies
  • Common substitutions for uncommon ingredients
  • Indian cuisine culture
  • travel tips for India

You'll also find additional links to more vegan Indian recipes, in-depth how-to articles and travel tips.

Take yourself on a culinary adventure!

Click here to go to the Guide

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Live a Vegan Lifestyle


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Cook Vegan World Cuisine


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