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Hi, we’re Stacy and Markus.

Our mission is to help you Burn Bright, not out.

We are luminaries of lifestyle medicine who work with excellence-driven people like you to generate the vitality necessary to sustain long-term success in all your endeavors.

Our clients come to us because they know sustainable success depends on their ability to perform with consistent levels of energy, focus, and stamina.

They strive to:

  • make a positive difference in the world through their work,
  • support their kids to be the best they can be,
  • nourish meaningful relationships, and
  • care for their well-being. 

Many of them are concerned about feeding their families healthier meals but feel overwhelmed about how to do it. Because they demand so much of themselves, they too often sacrifice their own well-being. They're often tired, or delaying dealing with personal health concerns because they don't have the time and expertise to figure out how to resolve them.

Does this sound like you?

"Eat for excellence because what you do matters."

We believe that if we must do something we should maximize our outcomes. Since we all must eat, we built a strong family culture around healthy eating and it's been the cornerstone of our well-being. 

The family kitchen is where we teach self love, nutrition, chemistry and math, teamwork, service to others, environmental concepts, an appreciation of culture, and a love of good food. 

Studies show that families who eat healthy meals together have better relationships and the children excel academically and socially, have decreased rates of obesity, and lowered risk of teen substance abuse.

When our kids are healthy and happy, we're happy. 

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We’re the quintessential Type-A personalities who try to squeeze every drop of wonderful out of our days. To feed our love of life we've researched and adopted the best high performance well-being strategies in the world.

We leverage our 30 years of education and experience to share the most effective diet and lifestyle enhancements from modern science and Eastern medicine to help you do the same. We help you generate energy, focus, and stamina so you can fully show up at work, at home, and at play.

Our programs are designed for busy people who are committed to improving health but need efficient strategies. After all, if you’re juggling your work, family, and self-care, we know you don’t have a lot of free time and you don’t need any added stress. 

How do we know?

We’ve enjoyed (and been challenged by) an entrepreneurial lifestyle across multiple countries for decades! We have two adult daughters and two young boys who keep our 50+ year old selves active and always searching for ways we can optimize our health to keep up with them. 

That's how Your Vegan Family started! We realized that our experiences from the pursuit of excellence could help you too. 

"Cultivate health that elevates success."  

~Stacy & Markus

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Why plant-focused dietary solutions?

We aren't here to talk you into a vegan diet. We've chosen a plant-based diet but recognize that you may not. However, we do make plant-focused recommendations because:

  • For most of us, eating more plant-based whole foods is good for our bodies, 
  • We are careful to utilize scientific research and respected medical traditions to provide safe and proven dietary solutions,
  • Our research has revealed that whole food, plant-based foods leave a lighter environmental footprint and this is one of our core values, and
  • You can continue to eat animal-sourced foods WITH our plant-based recommendations. 

When you eat smart plant-focused foods you know that no matter what happens in your day, you’ve done something good for you, your family, and the environment.

Food as Medicine

Eating is intimate. You bring food and drink into your body and it becomes part of who you are. 

When you use food as medicine you are mindfully and with self-love, choosing to pursue the best version of yourself. You are choosing to shine bright. 

One of the ways we stay small and self-sabotage our success is by not fueling our bodies to be the powerful engines that drive the great accomplishments we are capable of. 

We use food as medicine to help you become more whole, more of who you are meant to be. We use it to illuminate and heal the ways you may have held yourself back so you can truly Burn Bright, not out.

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Build a legacy of health for you, your family, and the planet.

What is a legacy? It's a gift we pass on from one generation to the next.

Legacy often refers to property or money, but we're talking about the legacy of values you leave behind. Your self-care habits, the way you eat, the values you share with your family are a legacy you pass on to your children. 

It seemed like such a small thing my father said to me every night when he tucked me in to bed, but now I pass it on to my children: "Nigh-night, sleep tight. When you wake up in the morning bright, do what's right with all your might. Nigh-night, I love you."  His words molded and inspired me, steeled me up when the easier road beckoned, taught me to live by my values, and always reminded me to do right by my own well-being too. This is part of his legacy, and now part of mine. 

One of the best ways we can make a BIG positive impact on the next generation of leaders, the environment and world-wide food insecurity is to shine as positive examples of self love and self care. Eating a smart plant-focused nurtures you, your family and the planet. 

Let's explore how we can best help you and your family build a legacy of health. 

Are you ready to Burn Bright, not out? 

If you've been looking for ways to increase your business success, provide for and nourish your family while taking care of yourself too, we invite you to explore our programs and the different ways we work with clients. 

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Our bio: 

Stacy’s helped people thrive through healthy lifestyle consultations and programs for 30 years. She earned her master’s degree in Acupuncture, is a licensed East Asian Medicine Practitioner and yoga instructor.

Markus earned a molecular biology degree from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He’s worked in health care as a consultant, Emergency Medical Technician and yoga instructor. He’s been vegan since 1994.

After decades of natural exploration from 120 feet below the sea to 20,000-foot peaks and throughout more than 60 countries, Stacy and Markus reside on a small island in the Salish Sea with their two vivacious boys, Nikko and Orion, who have been vegan since conception.

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