Your Vegan Family!

Welcome to our family! 

Your Vegan Family was born out of a desire for freedom and adventure.

We have two adult daughters and now two young boys. We know how fast our kids grow up and how time seems to build momentum with every new decade.

Last year we were both working outside of the home. Markus worked full-time as a regional director of a science-based conservation group and I worked part-time in my Acupuncture practice. Our boys were doing well in school and sports and we had much to feel grateful for. However, deep inside this quiet satisfaction, a need for adventure was brewing.

Markus and I have traveled far and wide through more than 65 countries and across the USA. We shared some of those journeys with our daughters and wanted to share more of them with our sons. As we pondered our situation, an idea began to take shape:

We would quit our jobs, sell our house, and grow a location-independent business so we would be free to live an adventurous vegan lifestyle.

We reviewed our strengths, values, and experiences and birthed Your Vegan Family (YVF).

Markus has a molecular biology degree from MIT and began eating a vegan diet 26 years ago. Stacy has a Masters in Acupuncture and saw clients in her clinics for 25 years. Both of us are yoga instructors, we love to cook vegan world cuisine in creative new ways, look at life through a scientist’s lens, and we’ve founded numerous companies that each had a successful online presence. We’ve put it all together and started a new chapter. 

The world is changing fast. Animals are going extinct at alarming rates, fragile ecosystems and cultures are at risk, and our health and immune systems are challenged by modern chemicals and toxins, and we’re in our 50’s! (How did that happen?!)

We know time and freedom are precious. We want to dive with whale sharks and schools of hammerheads, hike alpine trails and watch the sun set over a herd of wild elephants with the boys, finally become fluent in Spanish, and do our part to make this planet a better place through supporting you to live a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Your Vegan Family is here to inspire and guide you to live a vibrant, adventurous, delicious, and financially flush life. We’re doing this right along with you. You’re part of our family.

We know that eating a plant-based diet can feel overwhelming when you first start. This leads many people to opt for pre-packaged vegan foods which can be a road to poor health. We’re not saying we have all the answers, but we’ve come up with some systems that work well for our family here at home and our greater world-wide family, including you!

  • Meals at our table aren’t always picture–perfect. Some days we eat leftovers or a canned vegan soup rather than a fantastic Indian meal we create from scratch. We’ll tantalize your taste buds with our favorite YVF recipes and menus, vegan kids recipes, and quick-prep foods. You can find a list of all our recipes here: Your Vegan Family Recipes.
  • We answer your questions about being vegan with how-to guides, nutritional needs to be aware of, cool vegan resources, inspiration, and reports on new research about veganism as it emerges. Being vegan is one of the best ways to mitigate climate change, clean up the environment, show support for animal rights, and especially to improve your health.

If you’re like us you’re adventurous and value freedom, you care about the environment, animal rights, other cultures and peoples, you love making delicious and nutritious vegan recipes and you want to feel healthy, capable and energized through a long life.

We hope you’ll be part of our Vegan Family and help it continue to evolve into your favorite online resource for living an adventurous vegan lifestyle.