World Fusion Vegan Cuisine

What is Vegan World Fusion Cuisine?

Vegan World Fusion Cuisine emerges from combining foods, spices, and cooking techniques of multiple cultures to create new and exciting plant-based recipes. We've traveled through 65+ countries and lived abroad for many of our last 30 years. Every time we return home we have new favorite recipes to take to the lab (aka, our kitchen). Markus is particularly great at tasting a vegan dish in progress and suggesting a new Indian, Thai, Guatemalan, or Italian twist to it. 

Here are a few of our recent Fusions:

One never knows what will emerge from the lab! Here are our latest blog posts:

Why should I eat World-Fusion Plant-Based Recipes?

  1. It's healthier. Inviting a whole world of recipes into your culinary repertoire makes every meal exciting and often times much healthier.  We include a nutritional analysis of our recipes so you can see this for yourself.  It's easy to be a junk-food vegan and go for pre-packaged and highly processed vegan foods when one is bored with the thought of another salad, another veggie burger, or tofu something. With world-fusion recipes, your creativity is piqued which means you're more likely to eat across a broad range of whole foods. There are plant-based recipes to explore in every culture. 

  2. It's an adventure. One can travel through countries and cultures and time-periods with world-fusion cuisine. You'll try new ingredients like sorghum instead of rice, chickpea flour, tamarind sauce rather than lemon, a myriad of lentils... Kids often have out-of-the-box ideas; it's fun to include them in creating new flavor and food combinations. Having a culinary adventure is especially valuable to one's quality of life while COVID-19 is keeping many of us close to home. 
  3. It's intellectually stimulating. If you're a lifelong learner like both of us are, cooking vegan world-fusion cuisine is more than adding new spices to old recipes, it's also learning about other cultures. Last year we decided June was Vegan Indian Recipe month. We geared up our pantry with new spices, lentils, beans, and grains and, to make that investment worthwhile, we committed to exploring several new Indian recipes each week. Beyond the delicious meals, the bonus results include a shared culinary adventure with our whole family, expanding our young boys' palettes, learning more about Indian culture, geography, history, and traditions.


How Do I Start Making World-Fusion Plant-Based Recipes?

  1. Since we're already cooking up world-fusion plant-based meals, you can start by making a few recipes from our Your Vegan Family!
  2. Dive into your own Indian food adventure with our Vegan Indian Cooking GuideYou'll learn about the culture of Indian Cuisine, what spices to use and how to use them, traditional Indian grains and pulses (if you don't know what these are, click the link above to find out!), fruits and vegetables. This page is the result of our June Vegan Indian Recipe deep dive last year. 
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