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Welcome to Your Vegan Family! We're a family who loves to travel and eat delicious world-fusion food. We're both in our 50's with four children between 5 and 31years old. We have degrees in Molecular Biology and Acupuncture, have traveled to 65+ countries and been vegan for 25 years. (Learn more about us here.) At Your Vegan Family, we share our best knowledge and advice based on real-life experiences. Being vegan isn't a fad for us. It's a rich, delicious and soul-satisfying lifestyle. 

Whether you're new to the idea of being vegan and wonder what to eat, are raising a vegan family and need some delicious recipes or ideas on how to inspire your children to love a variety of healthy foods or you're ready to have more freedom with the financial support of a successful online business, you'll find encouragement, resources and guidance here.  


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World Fusion Vegan Recipes

When you're between journeys or settled in one location for a while, we juice up your days with our favorite world fusion vegan recipes. Our first feature country is India. You can access our Vegan Indian Cooking Guide Here.  Other world fusion and good ol' USA style recipes are found on our Blog and a complete list of recipes can be found on our Vegan Recipe Collection page.

Make Money Online 

Because adventures require funding, you'll find the best resources we've used to grow our online business and give us a location independent lifestyle. Start here.

Being Vegan

Eating Vegan plant

Eating Vegan

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Advice on transitioning to veganism, setting up your pantry, health considerations, lifestyle choices and other practical information. 


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vegan kids with vegetables

Vegan Kids

Raise adventurous vegan children who have sophisticated palates. We share their favorite recipes, lunches and how to methodically expanded their love of ethnic cuisine. 


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Vegan Recipes

You'll find our favorite vegan recipes, family meals and grilled feasts, easy vegan appetizers, plant-based desserts  on our blog. We include valuable nutritional data too. Click the button to see a list of all our recipes. 

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