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We admire your entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit! It's exciting to create a business and change the world through your writing and expertise. It's incredibly amazing to feel the freedom to work from home, from another country, or while on a road trip. We love waking up and finding that we've made a difference to someone and our income is growing. The feeling of gratitude for these blessings keeps us going with smiles on our faces. We want this for you too! 

We are eager to expand this page and give you access to real-life month-by-month business reports and the best practices we've teased out from years of education, trial and error. We thought we would have this ready for you by now. 

Two of the best characteristics of a successful life and business are adaptability and resilience. The truth is that the shutdown from COVID-19 pushed us to re-evaluate our plans and adjust our priorities and timelines.

We are Your Vegan Family. We have two awesome boys going into 1st and 4th grade. When COVID shut our schools down we shifted gears to make sure they received the best education and growth experiences we could offer from home.  Instead of both of us working to expand Your Vegan Family full time, we've adjusted to working on YVF half time. 

We've adapted our business plan to prioritize becoming the most trusted science-based vegan health resource for you and your family. We're continuing to produce delicious world-fusion vegan recipes and sift through stacks of medical journals and reports to bring you the latest nutritional information to make sure you don't fall into the nutrient deficiencies and health issues many vegans unknowingly experience. Building a Digital Nomad Business Community to support your financial independence through building your own online business will happen, just not yet. 

Right now is the best time to start an online business because all the changes COVID is making in our world creates huge new opportunities. We hope you'll read the article on this page and start to build your business. 

If you sign up for our Digital Nomad Newsletter,  we'll let you know when our Digital Nomad Business Community is ready for you. This is challenging for our over-achiever personalities because we want this aspect of Your Vegan Family to be robust and as valuable as possible to you right now! We have a treasure trove of information to share and we trust that this delay will serve to help us pare it down to the most valuable nuggets. 

In the meantime, if we find something we think will be super useful to you that we can't wait to share, we'll send it your way in a short email. We'll share our experience with the best practices and resources we've found and rely on every day to efficiently and effectively build Your Vegan Family. We hope you'll use them too. They'll save you heaps of time and effort if you do. We'll get back to building our online community with you as soon as we can. 

Thank you for understanding!

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The Best Time to Build Your Digital Nomad Job is now!

2020 is bringing in a storm of online business growth.  If you have an idea for an internet based business sitting on the back burner, it's time to dust it off and build it! 


  • The whole world has changed its online patterns to rely more than ever on the internet for social, educational and shopping needs. Even after the COVID19 scare has passed, our new technology habits will remain. 
  • Compared to 5 years ago, building a digital company is infinitely more simple and streamlined with integrated platforms and management software. 
  • If you aspire to be a digital nomad, meaning your work is location-independent and you aspire to travel when you want, you'll be perfectly positioned for adventure when travel re-opens and businesses are eager to see you and offer great deals. 

Read more to understand the data driven analysis of online business opportunities in 2020. 


Special Report

A New Vision for Making Money Online in 2020

With COVID-19 locking down the world, people are turning to the internet and social media for meaningful connection with others, for groceries and household items they can no longer go out to purchase, and for entertainment, answers and education. Millions have been ordered to stay at home and it’s showing online. If there was ever a perfect time to create an online business, it’s right now.

"Every disaster creates new opportunity for those who are willing to quickly take action and provide solutions to the needs of the world."

Change brings new needs that require new answers. Providing these answers in sincere, meaningful and smart ways can be truly of service to others. In turn, it can provide a deep sense of purpose and a generous income. With that income, you can not only care for yourself and family but also provide further benefits to others through your ability to support much needed services.

Right now in the world, there is a massive shift in people’s needs and, similar to empty shelves at the grocery stores, people are searching but unable to find what they need. Understanding these needs then providing solutions quickly is the opportunity available to you right now.

The primary place people are now searching for answers is the internet.

The greatest opportunity for new business growth is to start an online business providing these answers.

On this page, we’ll explore:

  1. Top four online behavioral changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic,
  2. People’s new priorities, urgent needs and actions,
  3. Emerging new business opportunities,
  4. The fastest, most efficient ways to build an opportunistic online business, and
  5. The best resources we’ve found to create quickly a strong online business.

The virus first affected Asia, so they’re ahead of the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia in terms of needs and human behavioral change. Thanks to data collection companies like Neilson Media, we can analyze new online habits of North Asia to understand where the rest of the world is heading, then act quickly to meet those needs. The overarching conclusion is this:


Massive Opportunity

“Content creators, networks, studios, media agencies, advertisers and brands have significantly more opportunity to engage with consumers simply because of the clear correlation between time at home and media consumption.” –Neilson Media 

country road saying change brings new needs that require new answers: opportunities.

According to Neilson, media consumption could increase up to 60% driven by the worldwide pandemic, creating fertile opportunity and the best time in the history of the world to start an online business. Although our acute response to COVID-19 will be temporary, our lives and our media consumption will be changed forever.

Socialization, entertainment, education, employment, sanitary conditions, and health care will never be the same, requiring creative solutions to emerging needs. People are searching for expert advice for how to meet these immediate needs and not only survive but also thrive in a post-pandemic world.


Concerned for health and well-being, people are increasingly utilizing media and online resources to:

  1. Stay safe,
  2. Improve health,
  3. Source food,
  4. Meet housing needs,
  5. Maintain lifestyle and amenities,
  6. Connect socially,
  7. Maintain and create financial stability, and
  8. Support mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Within these categories are unlimited possibilities to create and maximize business opportunities for those who are eager to learn and work smart.

Let's examine the changes across North Asia with resultant opportunities for you and new online businesses.

We'll start by exploring the top four changes in online behavior.

  1. TV viewing expansion, specifically news and children’s programming,
  2. Social media becomes a primary pandemic conversation channel,
  3. New applications for entertainment and gaming, and
  4. Decreased advertising leads to missed opportunities for building relationships during challenging times.


#1  TV Viewing Expansion

Woman with mask and gloves, stressed outlooking for digital nomad job.


According to Neilson Media, TV viewing is expanding driven by the two biggest areas of growth: news and children's programming.


As a result of the pandemic, TV viewing time in China more than doubled while Japanese news consumption increased 24%. News helps consumers stay abreast of what’s happening and anticipate future changes in their lives, leading most people to consider and research online opportunities to mitigate negative pandemic impacts.

The Need:

Staying safe, meeting basic human needs of food and shelter, preparing for new future needs.

The Business Opportunity:

Vet the news to determine emergent needs and position yourself to address them, both short- and long-term. We need to know how to stay safe, source products depleted stores can’t offer, and learn new patterns for cooking, cleaning and caring for ourselves with available resources. Instead of being fearful about the future, what can you do to look ahead and provide comfort, encouragement and actions steps to prepare for and meet the post pandemic world with confidence?

Children's Programming

Regarding children’s programming, school systems are struggling to develop supplements and new systems to support home-based education while families are trying to make ends meet with the added new responsibility of children’s education. Parents are turning to TV (we’ll address the internet shortly) to serve as a stopgap education source for their kids and to occupy time while they work, address household and family needs and manage education simultaneously. 


Home-schooling child with e-learning and online business sign.

The Need:

Parents need your help! We’re overwhelmed with suddenly bearing the responsibility for educating children, exercising them, feeding them all of their meals each day, entertaining them, keeping up with personal hygiene and house cleaning. With such urgent need, there is huge opportunity for those who maintain a creative mindset and provide solutions. 

The Business Opportunity:

You can research kids programming to learn what’s available and identify unmet needs. Consider what parents need to find, select and organize positive entertainment for their at-home children. How can you provide them with answers and support? How can you save parents time? What organization and time efficiency procedures or products can you offer parents now doing it all?


Change #2 Social Media Usage

During the acute phase of the pandemic, people used social media to share news about local outbreaks and states of emergency, trying to understand the impact to their personal lives and searching for information to keep themselves and their families safe. What solutions/resources can you provide to help people manage their fight or flight and general stress responses to the pandemic emergency? 

Long-term, hysteria will subside and people will use social media for inspiration and information to help them create new lifestyles and patterns to thrive in a post pandemic world.

The Needs:

Staying safe and sourcing food and supplies in the acute emergency. Long-term health and social, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The Opportunity:

What knowledge, skills and resources can you provide that use social media to provide immediate answers for pandemic safety (physical and emotional), and, longer term, to provide hope and help people adjust to the changes?


Placeholder Image

Questions to Reveal Current Opportunities

Change creates stress and those people who are adaptable, flexible and creative are most likely to survive and thrive through stressful times. How can you support people to adapt to the post pandemic world? What services and products are and will be needed? When we begin normalization after the pandemic peaks, consider ways to support your community by connecting offerings from your local library, resource centers, and stores with the people who need them. What needs will communities have to revitalize their economies?

#3 - Demand for Entertainment Apps and Exploding E-commerce

Entertainment Apps

With parks closed and outdoor activities discouraged, our ability to access nature for physical exercise to de-stress and reset is limited. Online entertainment is growing as a coping mechanism that allows people to relieve their stress by redirecting their focus. Periodically escaping the ever-present pandemic reality is essential for mental health. Video and gaming apps are driving increased demand for entertainment. Some gaming apps are multi-person thus serving social needs. Others are becoming creative by playing card and board games via video conferencing. And watching drama genre shows and movies has increased more than any other category of entertainment.

Phone in hand with online business entertainment items: movie tape, directors cut, popcorn

The Need:

Social, emotional and mental well-being, social connecting and maintaining lifestyle and amenities.

The Opportunity:

How can you help people meet their need to escape the stress and hopelessness incited by the pandemic? How can you help people connect through online gaming? People who may not have used online entertainment are trying to efficiently navigate this world to choose video and gaming apps for the first time. How can you help them do this? How can you facilitate well-being? How can you help people enjoy comforts at home?

stacked online business e-commerce shipping boxes


E-commerce has erupted as an essential service to meet our food and household needs as well as becoming our sole retail therapy outlet. During this pandemic, most purchases are online. As people establish their favorite online purchasing sites and deepen their habits for online shopping, these behaviors will solidify as a new way of life.

The Need:

Food and essential supplies, creature comforts, mental and emotional well-being. Shopping meets the need to learn and explore new things and to have new experiences though online courses and deliverables.

The Business Opportunity:

What goods can you offer that improve people's well-being while at home? What indoor or solo activities will people be doing that they will need non-essential supplies for? Design, decorating, cooking, knitting, crafting...  What goods will people want to increase their comfort at home, in their yards or cars? What online courses might they want to help them with home-based activities?


#4  Decreased Advertising…Missed Connections

Surprisingly, throughout North Asia marketing ads scaled back as the COVID 19 outbreak expanded. Rather than building relationship during this challenging time, businesses decreased their communication, creating a gap for new and engaging advertising to fill. Rather than change their messages, businesses simply went quiet.

David Yeung, Vice President of Marketing Communications Consumer Group, at HKT Limited wisely stated:

“The key to survival is to adapt to the changing business environment very quickly and to ensure threats are turned into opportunities by tapping into technology and data.” 

This was a miss for most established businesses. Showing up now with encouragement and solutions in a time of intense need will build long-term loyalty for new brands and businesses.

The Need:

Reliable resources and people who unwaveringly support you. Businesses we can trust to show up and care for us.

The Opportunity:

A rare advertising gap to build trusting relationships with people who need trust more than ever.


This pandemic has intensified emotions world-wide as we re-evaluate our values and needs amidst a rapidly changing and stressful backdrop. Identifying the needs of people, particularly emotional needs that drive purchasing, and meeting them with services and products will set you up for success.

This is not our first pandemic and it won’t be our last. This event will forever modify how we respond to future flu, colds and viral pathogens. Solutions that are acutely needed now will re-emerge each year in varying degrees. The businesses that you build now will remain valuable if you can adapt to minor seasonal changes.

Because of the urgent needs caused by the pandemic and the relationship gap created by decreased advertising from established businesses, responding quickly with valuable solutions and a high-quality professional presentation is key for success. Building trusting relationships by supporting people through difficult times will gain you their loyalty and respect.

Today’s pandemic creates an urgency to serve the greater good as soon as possible. When it comes to online businesses, most people give up before they start because they don’t know how to navigate all of the necessary programs, shopping carts, email list management, and plugins to quickly build a useful, beautiful, and responsive site.

If you know you want the kind of freedom and income an online business can bring you, to take steps to build an online business, we're have some ideas. 

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." – Michael Jordan


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