Vegan Family Meals

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Vegan Family Meals

When you're busy, finding quality time to connect with your family members can feel challenging amidst the current home-education requirements, work, chores and meal prep. Meals are the perfect time to bring everyone together. Our boys say they love meal time because we all get to share about our day. 

Cooking is a time to teach your kids about healthy eating, food prep and cleanup, and the nuances of cooking. Taste tests and snippets of information about spices and cooking methods are planting seeds for our young kids to be skillful in the kitchen.  

When I have time (and patience!) helping hands  make dinner a team effort. I often cooked with my daughter and now she's all grown up and a fabulous cook!

Set Your Table for Success

Mealtime is about more than eating. It’s a time to talk with your family and friends about their day. It's often the re-connection time after a night's sleep or for families whose members have been away all day at school or work. Here are some ways you can set the stage for a positive experience:

  • Make the table beautiful. Light candles, feature a vase of flowers, use cloth napkins and interesting place mats.
  • Place a heart rock or special something at everyone’s place setting.
  • As soon as it’s practical, let your children use dishes and utensils that look like yours so that they feel encouraged to eat like you.
  • Pack up your meal and go on a Vegan Picnic, even if it's just in the back yard!
  • Have your kids say a blessing, recite a family favorite or sit in silence to appreciate the shared experience.
vegan family meal of vegan french toast outside on the deck

Feel confident that you're providing the best plant-based nutrition for your child's development. 

Discover your peak performance family diet. Let's schedule a call to explore how you can use the Vegan Advantage for your family.

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Expressing Gratitude

Sharing a blessing before a meal can be a co-creative time. It re-focuses everyone's energy towards gratitude, acknowledges the source of the food, the team effort it took to plan, shop for, prepare and serve the meal, and it gets the whole family talking together.

Masaru Emoto, who studied the effects words and intentions have upon the structure of water (and we are 60% water) found that one part love and two parts gratitude is the optimal ratio for well-being. 

Give thanks... 

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We're better together. 

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