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Stacy and Markus Naugle


Stacy and Markus Naugle are high-performance health consultants who utilize potent diet and lifestyle enhancements to help excellence-driven people generate the vitality necessary to fuel sustained success in their professional and personal lives without burning out. Their Seven Pillars methodology focuses on quick to implement action steps that are easily integrated into busy schedules. They’ve proven their process through three decades of success helping thousands of people excel in business, do more of what they love, and establish health-positive family cultures by implementing their high-performance strategies.

Markus graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned a Bachelor of Science in molecular biology and a concentration in creative writing. He’s worked as a consultant in leading-edge biotech, as an EMT, and yoga instructor.

Stacy earned her Master of Acupuncture after an undergraduate background in biology and health sciences. She’s enjoyed a thriving business as an international health consultant, teacher, and practitioner since 1995.

Together they utilize the best of modern science and Asian medicine to develop the optimal plant-focused strategies that have been their unwavering foundation for accomplishing anything they've set their minds to; from adventuring across 65+ countries, scaling 20,000' peaks and diving 100' below the sea, starting multiple successful businesses, and raising their two vivacious boys, Nikko and Orion, who have been vegan since conception. 

They share expertise on topics ranging from building resilient health for increased business success, utilizing plant-focused strategies to improve your health, how to prepare efficient, healthy meals for your family, and raising kids to be sophisticated eaters. Find them on podcasts with The Vegan AcademySunSpiceMaking Vegan OrdinaryUK Vegan Family, and Healthy Trails Living, and on the Plant-Based Network where their recipes reach millions of people.

Expert Topics

Stacy and Markus are available for interviews and speaking engagements on the following topics:

Healthy Family Lifestyles

  • Raising Kids Who Eat Everything on Your Menu
  • High-performance Health for Kids
  • Setting theStage for Successful Kids
  • Time Saving Tips for Healthy Family Meals
  • Being Vegan: A Kid’s Perspective
  • Everything I Needed To Know I Learned in the Family Kitchen
  • 5 Reasons to Become a Plant-Based Family

The Successful Entrepreneur's High-performance Secrets

  • The Entrepreneur's High-performance Health Diet
  • Want Focus? Drink this. 
  • Double Your Revenue with This One Human Capital Investment
  • Burn Bright, Not Out: Success Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  • Increasing Your Revenue One Bite at a Time
  • Burn-out Busters


Values Driven Lifestyle

  • Eating for Positive Climate Change
  • Growing Strong Families Through Food
  • Building a Legacy of Health
  • Impacts of a Plant Based Diet
  • Saving the Planet One Bite at a Time

Interviews with Stacy and Markus

Actions of Compassion with Shane Jeremy James

Conscious level thinking is part of everything Stacy & Markus incorporate into their vegan led lifestyle. From family, to the planet, to business; they are luminaries of lifestyle medicine who work with excellence-driven people to generate the vitality necessary to sustain long-term success in all endeavors. One conversation at a time and a lifelong commitment is where these conscious health coaches lead and inspire future generations to come.

Your Vegan Family Founders Stacy & Markus Naugle highlights & discusses:

  • Keys to robust & happy living stemming from physical, mental, and business success for all generations.
  • How thriving and living a plant based lifestyle is no longer a secret to peak quality of life.
  • Why we all as humans are hard-wired for compassionate change for both ourselves and the planet plus the steps we can all easily take.


The Vegan Academy

How to thrive as a vegan family?

In this week's Vegan Academy Podcast Stacy and Markus share their journey of over 26+ years as vegans. 

Learn how they ensure their family gets all they need, and what rituals make them shine together.

Whether you have a family of your own, are considering going vegan, or are just curious about a vegan lifestyle, this podcast provides a ton of value for you.

Hear more from the Vegan Academy at:

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