Your Vegan Family


Stacy and Markus Naugle founded Your Vegan Family to provide people with smart plant-focused solutions for optimal mental and physical performance. Leveraging a molecular biology degree from MIT and a Master of Acupuncture, their myriad healthcare experience over three decades has helped thousands of people achieve personal and family goals for healthy blood markers for cholesterol, lipids, and nutrients, weight normalization, and smart plant-based lifestyles

Your Vegan Family shares expertise on topics ranging from smart strategies to lower cholesterol, mastering the foundations of vegan cooking and meeting nutritional requirements for long-term success to creating a vegan family. Find them on podcasts with The Vegan AcademySunSpiceMaking Vegan OrdinaryUK Vegan Family, and Healthy Trails Living, and on the Plant-Based Network where their recipes reach millions of people.

When they're not educating people about smart plant-based solutions you can find them adventuring from 120 feet below sea level to 20,000-foot peaks and exploring cuisine and culture around the world. Stacy and Markus currently call home a small island in the Salish Sea with their two vivacious boys, Nikko and Orion, who have been vegan since conception.


Expert Topics

Stacy and Markus are available for interviews and speaking engagements on the following topics:

Lower Cholesterol Fast

  • Advanced Nutrition for Lowering High Cholesterol
  • Plant-based Strategies to Lower Your Cholesterol Fast
  • Top 3 Disease States a Plant-Based Diet Can Mitigate
  • The Best Cholesterol Lowering Foods for Fast Results
  • Weight Normalization vs. Weight Loss
  •  Smart Eating for Peak Performance

Going and STAYING Vegan

  • How to Go and Stay Vegan: 26 Years and Counting.
  • 6 Crucial Steps for a Successful Vegan Lifestyle
  • Top 5 Tips You need to STAY vegan
  • 5 Simple Strategies to Meet Vegan Nutritional Needs
  • What is a Whole Foods, Plant Based Diet?
  • Finding Your Place as a Vegan in an Omnivorous World


Vegan Family Lifestyle

  • Being Vegan: A Kid’s Perspective
  • How to Raise Vegan Kids Who Eat Everything on Your Menu
  • Tips from traveling as a vegan Through 65+ Countries
  • Keys to Vegan Family Success
  • Vegan World Cuisine Adventures
  • The Vegan Ambassador: Building Bridges, Not Walls
  • Time Saving Tips for Eating Vegan at Home

For more information, please contact

Stacy and Markus Naugle

[email protected]

+1 360-317-8822