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We help individuals and families integrate a plant-based diet that meets all nutritional needs for peak mental and physical performance. 

Who is Your Vegan Family?

Over the last three decades, we’ve helped thousands of motivated people like you optimize their mental and physical performance. 

But we're a little different than most health coaches. 

Markus and Stacy are scientists who leverage:

  • 27 years eating a whole food plant-based diet,
  • Myriad experience including 30 years of health consultations, emergency medicine, reiki, and teaching yoga, 
  • A Master’s in Acupuncture and Asian Medicine and a molecular biology degree from MIT,
  • Raising our two vibrant sons Nikko and Orion vegan since conception, and
  • More than 50 years of exploring our edges through an active and adventurous lifestyle.

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Leverage the Vegan Advantage 


You have beautiful goals for your life. You've invested in training or education for a job. You've invested in your housing, car, entertainment, vacations, appearance, you strive to ensure your children have every opportunity for success, and you give to causes you believe in, but if you’re like most busy people, you have this one problem:

You aren't confident you're making the right investments for you or your family's optimal mental and physical health. 

After all, you’re probably not a health care professional and our bodies don't come with a user’s manual.

We’ve been there and have spent the last 30 years researching health and honing the edge of peak performance. We understand ...

  • How disappointing it is to want to feel healthy, energized, and strong at your optimal weight, but not make consistent progress or find the right information and support to stay the course
  • The frustration of wanting your children to thrive, but struggling with getting them to eat a diet that supports their growing minds and bodies,
  • The disappointment you feel when you want to cook healthy meals but you don’t have the time, skills, or energy to do it,
  • Wishing you had a team of experienced health care providers on your side that you could trust,
  • The urgent desire to protect the environment and animals, prevent starvation, and support social justice and wishing you could do more.

What if the solution you need is just one simple decision?

Would you jump right in and say: “Yes!”? 

smart whole food plant-based diet accomplishes all of these goals and more. 

With this one choice you could: 

  • Normalize your weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar, 
  • Reverse or prevent the top killers of heart disease and T2 diabetes,
  • Improve memory and mental functioning, 
  • Increase lean muscle mass and decrease recovery time after exercise,
  • Give your kids an advantage in school, sports, and work,
  • Build an eco-positive legacy by mitigating climate change, and
  • Decrease starvation and food insecurity around the world.

When you make a lifestyle of eating a smart plant-focused diet, you can optimize your health and feel energized to create the amazing life you want while building a legacy of a better world.

As a bonus, you get peace of mind. No matter how difficult life is or what you do, when you go to bed at night you can rest peacefully knowing that with each bite of plant-based food you’ve made a positive difference in your health, your family's well-being, and planetary health.

Are you in?

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Vegan Foundations Course

Walk into your kitchen and confidently whip up any number of nutritious and delicious plant-based meals with what you have on hand.

No stress, no struggle, no extra trips to the store, no food waste. Living in alignment with your values. 

This is what we wish we knew 30 years ago!

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