Go from making ho-hum to AMAZING plant-based family meals!

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Who is Your Vegan Family?

Over the last three decades, we’ve helped thousands of motivated individuals and families like you embrace plant-based eating and achieve health goals they thought were not possible for them. How did we do it? 

We're a little different than most health coaches. We help families establish delicious and nutritious plant-based diets and lifestyles.

Markus and Stacy are health consultants who leverage:

  • A master’s in acupuncture and Asian medicine and a molecular biology degree from MIT,
  • 27 years eating a whole food plant-based diet,
  • Myriad experience including 30 years in health consulting, emergency medicine, reiki, and teaching yoga, 
  • Raising our two vibrant sons Nikko and Orion vegan since conception, and
  • More than 50 years of exploring our potential through active and adventurous lifestyles.

Imagine having all this knowledge and experience on your side.

You'd know how to prepare a single meal that can help mom drop a dress size, dad lower his cholesterol, the teenager achieve peak sports performance, and the toddler love to eat vegetables. 

You'd know what to eat to turn back the clock and feel more youthful and energetic, less pain, and moving forward on your healing journey. We can help you resolve your most persistent health problems. 

Let's craft your path to amazing health! Questions? 

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"We celebrate that families come in many shapes and sizes and welcome yours ."
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Ready to give your family's health a boost?

Challenge your family to eat 15 different whole foods each day for 5 days. We'll give you all the resources and recipes you need. Join now, it's free! 

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You can do this. 

You and your family deserve to be energized, capable, and confident to excel in every way. Leverage our combined 60 years experience, advanced educations, and problem-solving minds to get where you want to go.

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The Vegan Foodie Social Club

Are you ready to make some delicious and nutritious plant-based meals for your family? In the Vegan Foodie Social Club you get cook-with-us videos, recipes, information, shopping lists... Plus it's risk free with a 2-week trial that gives you full access to all content!

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Regeneration Session

Keep the New Year New You going strong! Starts January 31st!

A 3-week transformation program that has helped our clients to feel and look younger, normalize weight, and reduce pain and inflammation. 

Create a team to keep each other going and achieve success together! 

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Here's what people are saying: 

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Cheri M.

I count on Stacy to keep me “upright”, which is my goal as I age.The world is changing so fast that I feel blessed to have her in my life to keep me up on all the newest ideas re. exercise, homeopathy, nutrition, and truly just “life in general”. I could go on and on but just know that the time spent in my sessions with Stacy make my life flow in ways to numerous to write about.

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Maggie K.

I was skeptical about the how effective a dietary change would be on my overall pain level and flexibility as I suffer from some osteoarthritis. WOW - I could not have been more wrong! I have experienced a dramatic change. My pain is significantly reduced and my flexibility as good as it has been in over 20 years (I'm 52). My energy level is fantastic and I have indeed lost 10 pounds effortlessly.

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Willie T.

As an observer of Stacy Naugle’s work ethic, I can’t say enough about her concern for perfection, her dedication to her profession, and her concern for the well-being of her friends and colleagues. Stacy will be an able and willing partner in any endeavor she might undertake.

Want to know how we trained our kids up to enthusiastically want to eat EVERYTHING on their plates?

Join the Family 5x15 Challenge and give your family's health the boost it needs. 

Challenge your family to eat 15 different whole foods for 5 days!

We include our Ninja parenting tips to get more healthy food into your picky eaters, family meal planning strategies, and heaps fo fabulous recipes. 

AND, it's free! 

Here's what one mom is saying:

"This Whole Foods Plant-Based Shopping List is AMAZING! Look at all these amazing foods I have forgotten existed or never even knew about! Thanks so much for this great information and challenge!"


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