Modern 24/7 living takes energy, focus, and stamina,

but that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your well-being or friends/family time to be successful.  


In fact, what if I told you that you that you could: 

perform better at work, 

make more money, 

have more time with friends and family, and

show up feeling your A-game every day, 

By leveraging just one high-performance strategy?


You can with

Burn Bright (not out):
High-Performance Lifelong Health Mastery

This is for 

 People who want the MOST OUT OF LIFE:

  •  ENERGY to have more fun with their FRIENDS & FAMILY.
  • Sustained balanced weight and body composition, 
  •  To enjoy HEALTHY MEALS without figuring it all out themselves,
  • Natural ways to increase their ENERGY, FOCUS and PERFORMANCE,
  • Add 10+ Healthy years to your life while mitigating chronic disease risk, and
  • An EDGE to fuel sustained SUCCESS, make more MONEY, and have a bigger positive IMPACT.


This is the first and LAST time 
Burn Bright (not out) will be offered at this price.









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Burn Bright (not out) Strategies have Successfully Helped:


  • Olympic Athletes
  • CEO's
  • Massage Therapists
  • Small Business Owners
  • Parents
  • Marketing Experts
  • Teachers
  • Money Managers
  • Life Coaches
  • Doctors
  • Artists
  • Business Coaches 

And so many more people just like you. 

Emily M.

Burn Bright (not out) was a transformational program. As a busy Entrepreneur, I need energy and stamina to keep me performing at my highest level. I learnt so much about myself and the practices and foods I should be consuming to help me achieve my goals.

This program was such an eye opener and the attention to detail and knowledge Stacy and Markus brought to Burn Bright (not out), is something I feel so fortunate to have been apart of.

This is 100% THE program for you if you want more energy and vitality, to improve your performance on all levels and to feel more healthy and vibrant!


Caroline Gunter


Is it time for you to become our next success story?

Are you ready to wield the energy to skyrocket your business success and

nurture your family with the 

SIMPLEST high-performance diet and lifestyle program available online?


A Peek inside

The Burn Bright (not out)


Learn the secrets of the world's most successful people.

From daily high-performance strategies to high-performance meals for you and your family,

we'll guide you through 6 modules that include: 



This is your introduction to the most potent diet and lifestyle strategies in the world. In this section you will learn how to be a laser-focused energy generator so you can stop playing small and commit to your next level of success, provide delicious and nutritious meals for you and your friends and family, and not sacrifice your well-being to get it all done. 


What we'll leverage to help you build a High-Performance Strategy Map includes:

  • Optimize your energy generation systems
  • Demystifying the food-mood connection
  • Grocery shopping strategies to save time and money
  • High-performance nutrition
  • Brain boosting strategies
  • Foods for focus
  • Building stamina
  • Cultivating a culture of family health
  • Creating family connection around food
  • Building your personal legacy
  • Integrating superfoods
  • Integrating plant-focused foods
  • Brain boosting strategies
  • Recognize and release negative family food patterns
  • High-performance menu planning
  • Meal prep shortcuts
  • The 6 Pillars of Health
  • Develop your personal High-performance Strategy
  • 3-Minute Miracles To Elevate Your Performance
  • Asian medicine cooking tips

Learn how to build a diet and lifestyle strategy that works for YOU,

because being HEALTHY SHOULD BE FUN!

You will also get:

  • Access to our private, online community (not Facebook) moderated by Stacy and Markus.


Blue Zone Secrets of Longevity

Your health is not just about today, it's about your future.

People in Blue Zones often live to be over 100 years with old great health.

Learn their secrets. (Value $300)


Picky Eaters? No Problem.

Top-secret strategies for people of any age, even yourself!

We used these to help our kids love eating everything we serve them,

no matter what culture it's from or what vegetables they are. (Value $300)


High-Performance Strategy Map Workshop

Live workshop with Stacy to build and fine-tune your map to health. (Value $997)


Overcoming Cravings Tapping Workshop 

with Sherrie Lukey, Emotional Freedom Technique master educator. (Value $1,500)


5 Tips to Enhance Your Success

workshop with Caroline Gunter, The Swedish Organizer (Value $1,500)


Meal Planning Mastery Made Easy with AI 

 (Value $497)


5 Tips to Enhance Your Success

workshop with Caroline Gunter, The Swedish Organizer (Value $1,500)


Immediate Access to the:

 High-performance Health Challenge: 

A 6-week journey that redefines your relationship with food. (Value $997)


Kitchen Quick Guides

We wish we'd had these decades ago! 

  • Healthy Substitutions
  • Grain Cooking Guide
  • Bean & Legume Cooking Guide
  • High Protein Foods 

(Value $300)

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If your goals are to

make more money,

eat great food, 

enjoy more family fun, and

do more of what you love,



These are the same strategies, that up until now, we've shared exclusively with our private clients.

This method is proven.

It's simple.

It's good for you.  

All you have to do is start. 

What are you waiting for?

Spaces are limited. Join Now!

*Studies show that healthy workers make an average of 37% more per year than their less healthy counterparts and retire with a 65%  larger retirement. 

Those with healthy spouses have even higher incomes. 

Stop leaving money on the table and join Burn Bright (not out)! 


I'm so busy. Will this course take up a lot of time?

Burn Bright, not out, is designed with busy people in mind. We understand what it's like to be entrepreneurs and parents and the course offers diet & lifestyle enhancements so you keep doing what you're already doing, but better! 

 What if I don't like the recipes or are allergic to an ingredient?

We've chosen recipes that are flexible, meaning that you can easily substitute in the fruits, vegetables, proteins, nuts, seeds, and beans you prefer. We offer variations options with many of the recipes so you can easily adjust them for your family preferences. 

 Will the recommended meals help me lose weight?

Our high-performance menus are not a focused on weight-loss, however the recipes are mindfully developed to promote weight-normalization due to their balanced nature. 

Do I need to be a vegan to benefit from this program?

Absolutely not. While our recipes and dietary enhancements are plant-focused, you can easily substitute dairy, meat, or eggs for the plant-based ingredients. We've selected the ingredients in the recipes because of their high nutrient and fiber content and their proven ability to generate energy, focus, and stamina. 

Can I get a refund?

We have done everything possible to provide you with elite, scientifically proven health and performance enhancements for those who are serious about advancing their success and well-being in Burn Bright (not out). Your mindset, current health, implementation choices, and genetics influence your outcomes. Because you are getting immediate access to all six modules, we do not offer refunds. Please email us any questions at [email protected] so we can make sure this is a good fit for you.

 Do you have additional questions about whether or not this will work for you? Let's talk! 

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Our mission is to inspire healthy, high-performance diets and lifestyles for excellence-driven people. Information and resources are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any type of disease or condition.