Eat Bright 6-Week Healthy Eating Challenge

Imagine getting a 37% return on your investments!

Studies show that Healthy people make more money, 37% more, and retire with 65% more.  They are 30% more productive, have more energy for their families and friends, and live an average of 10 more healthy years. 

You're moments away from securing your place in the evidence-based Eat Bright 6-Week Healthy Eating Challenge, to help you establish the eating habits proven to reverse chronic disease, boost your energy, immune system, brain function, and slow aging! 

Sky-rocket your health, wealth, and happiness.

You'll gain access to: 

  • Weekly Email Guide to support your successful implementation of the Eat Bright Health Challenge 
  • 6 Module Online Portal with support materials, training videos,  and  weekly Health Challenges (Value$1,495)
  • Collection of recipes to help you integrate new foods into your diet ($49.95)
  • Membership in the Lifelong Thrivers , moderated by MIT scientist, Markus Naugle and East Asian medicine specialist, Stacy Naugle.  (Value $900)


  • Two Health Consultations with Stacy Naugle to help you gain the most form the program and accelerate your results (Value $1,190)
  • Meal Master Made Easy with AI Masterclass (Value $497)

TOTAL VALUE: $4,131.95

Terms and Conditions

What People Are Saying:

My energy level is fantastic and I have indeed lost 10 pounds effortlessly.

Maggie K.

Her style and approach is holistic and supportive and has allowed me to make significantly better, more proactive choices about my health.

Paul K.

I could go on and on but just know that the time spent in my sessions with Stacy makes my life flow in ways too numerous to write about.

Cheri M.

$1,495.00 USD