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Fast and Flexible Stir Fry


People often ask us how to make a stir fry. It's nothing to be afraid of and is quite easy to do. 

Stir Fry, our go-to dinner when we want to keep dinner simple. ‚Ā£We can use any vegetables we want, add any protein source like tofu, seitan, edamame, tempeh or nuts, season it for Peanut Sauce, Tahini Sauce, Korean or Chinese, add Thai curry and coconut milk, Teriyaki, even barbecue! 

What are your favorite stir fry sauces/seasonings?‚Ā£
Stir Fry elicits squeals of delight from our kids. I think it's because they love the sauce! We added baked tofu and our homemade Korean barbecue sauce to this rainbow of veggies. ‚Ā£
If it's not a common feature on your menu, give it a go! It's one of the most simple meals you can make. ‚Ā£

How to Make Your Stir Fry

1. Heat your pan to medium high heat. Add 1 TBS oil. ‚Ā£
2. Sauté onions, ginger and garlic first. Add your hard veggies (like carrots, sweet potato, broccoli stalks) next, then add softer ones (bell pepper, broccoli and cauliflower florets).

For this stir fry we sautéed onions, garlic and ginger, then added broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, mushrooms, then purple cabbage, then kale. ‚Ā£
3. Add a protein source. We made baked tofu but you can also use tempeh, edamame, nuts or other beans. ‚Ā£
4. Add a sauce of choice.
5. Serve over noodles, a grain, or as is. ‚Ā£

See how simple it is!

It's a burst of health promoting cruciferous vegetables, vitamin C sporting peppers, and glorious kale. High protein and low fat (depending on your sauce). It will make you feel fabulous! ‚Ā£

What oil should you use? 

Choose an oil that has a smoking point at or above 400 F, such as:

  • Canola oil: 400 F/204 C
  • Grapeseed oil: 420 F/215 C
  • Sunflower oil: 440 F/226 C
  • Safflower oil: 440–510 F/227–265 C
  • Coconut oil (refined): 450F/232 C
  • Corn oil: 450 F/232 C
  • Peanut oil: 450 F/232 C
  • Olive oil (light/refined): 465 F/240 C *NOT extra virgin olive oil! 
  • Soybean oil: 450 F/232 C
  • Rice bran oil: 490 F/254 C

Do not use sesame oil to cook your stir fry. It has a low smoking temperature. If  you want to add toasted sesame oil for flavor, do that at the end. 

Chef's Tips:

1. Use medium-high heat and add your oil to the pan after it's hot. Let the oil heat up and then add your first vegetables. 

2. The idea is to sear your vegetables with high heat, not steam them, so don't add too many vegetables at once and keep them moving with your spatula. 

Written by Stacy and Markus Naugle 

Stacy and Markus Naugle are High-Performance Health Coaches who use food to help you THRIVE, not merely survive.They work with excellence-driven people and families to help them realize their full potential and achieve greater success in business, school, and personal endeavors.  When you work with them you will leverage the health habits and strategies of the world's most successful people through their Seven Pillars of Health framework, of which the main pillar is diet. They guide their students and clients to develop the skills to become laser-focused energy generators who consistently up-level their successes in work, school, and their personal lives.

Diet is at the center of one's health and the center of their focus. You'll learn how to save time and money preparing delicious meals that provide excellent nutrition for superior results. Explore old favorites with superfood upgrades to new plant-focused recipes and world cuisines. As parents, they also specialize in helping picky eaters enjoy more vegetable and whole foods. 


They are different from other coaches:

  • Thirty years of experience
  • Molecular Biology degree from MIT
  • Emergency Medicine Technician
  • Masters degree in Acupuncture
  • Licensed East Asian Medicine Provider
  • Yoga teachers
  • Scientists who delve into the latest medical studies and extract the information that can benefit you and your family

They travel the world researching diet and lifestyle secrets of cultures from the Inuit of northern Alaska to Indonesian healers, Chinese longevity masters, and the Maori of New Zealand. They are currently in Ecuador studying the health and longevity secrets of the Inca with their two adventurous sons, Nikko (12 yrs) and Orion (8 yrs). 

Imagine what you can achieve by working with them! 



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