Burn Bright (not out) J24

Imagine getting a 37% return on your investments!

Studies show that Healthy people make more money, 37% more, and retire with 65% more.  They are 30% more productive, have more energy for their families and friends, and live an average of 10 more healthy years. 

You're moments away from securing your place in Burn Bright (not out), to help you become a laser-focused energy generator and lifelong high performer! 

Sky-rocket your health, wealth, and happiness.

The next Burn Bright, not out program begins January 10th, 2024. Our last program sold out, so don't wait to register! 

You'll gain access to: 

  • Guided Future Self Manifestation Method (Value $1,800)
  • The proven 6 Pillars of Health framework. Previously reserved exclusively for private clients, this framework will guide you to build your foundation for high-performance. (Value $2,200)
  • Twelve live group coaching sessions with Stacy and Markus (Value $7,200)
  • The Burn Bright Method will inspire the clarity to generate your personal High-performance Strategy Map .(Value $1,300)
  • Supported implementation weeks to hone and anchor your selected habits, (Value $2,400)
  • A flexible 6-day High-performance Menu for you and your loved ones to heighten your physical and mental capacities, and balance your emotions. (Value $300),
  • Live Kick-off training with Stacy and Markus Naugle (Value $800)
  • Membership in the Burn Bright (not out) Club, our elite, members-only private online group. (Value $900)
  • 3-Minute Miracles, high-performance habits to inspire consistent positive action. (Value $600) 


  • High-Performance Quick Guides to assist you in maintaining your healthy habits for a lifetime. (Value $300)
  • Blue Zone Secrets of Longevity. Learn the secrets of the world's longest lived people. (Value $300)
  • Strategies for Picky Eaters. Proven strategies to learn to love all foods. (Value $300)
  • High-performance Strategy Map live workshop. Build your map to high-performance with expert guidance. (Value $997)
  • Overcoming Cravings Tapping workshop with Sherrie Lukey, Emotional Freedom Technique master educator (Value $1,500)
  • 5 Tips to Enhance Your Success workshop with Caroline Gunter, The Swedish Organizer (Value $1,500)
  • Meal Master Made Easy with AI Masterclass (Value $497)
  • Blue Zone Diet Challenge: Layer in a new dietary challenge each week to upgrade your diet to match those of the healthiest, longest-lived people in the world. (Value $997)

TOTAL VALUE: $23,091

Terms and Conditions

What People Are Saying:

I could go on and on but just know that the time spent in my sessions with Stacy makes my life flow in ways too numerous to write about.

Cheri M.

Her style and approach is holistic and supportive and has allowed me to make significantly better, more proactive choices about my health.

Paul K.

My energy level is fantastic and I have indeed lost 10 pounds effortlessly.

Maggie K.

$4,997.00 USD