The 5-week program to

lower your cholesterol 


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Take Charge


The 5-week Diet Plan to Lower Cholesterol


Get all the tools you need to lower your cholesterol up to 30% in just 5 weeks.

You'll learn how to integrate foods that unclog arteries into meals your whole family will love. You'll master heart-healthy grocery shopping and meal prep, dining out strategies, and key lifestyle adjustments that build the foundation for lowering your cholesterol and mitigating your risk of devastating heart attack and stroke.

Are you ready to Take Charge of your health and start lowering your cholesterol today?

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What You'll Get  

Peace of Mind 

Feel confident knowing you're taking powerful steps to meet your nutritional needs and lower your cholesterol, fast.

Get your questions answered at our weekly live Q&A sessions and in our private onliine community forum. Take advantage of our educations and decades of experience in health care. 


Clear Action Steps

Know just what to do each week with our established step-by-step program.

Take action and create habits that support lifelong well-being. 

Fast Results

Studies show that just 1 month of eating a smart plant-focused diet can lower your LDL cholesterol by 30%. This means that even if your LDL  (bad cholesterol) levels are as high as 180 mg/dl, in one month you could get back to a safe zone with levels under 130 mg/dl, mitigating potential heart disease and stroke risk. 

5 Transformational Modules


Module 1

Develop an understanding of why cholesterol becomes elevated and how a smart plant-focused diet helps you lower it. 

Get clear on what foods to avoid and which ones are scientifically proven to help lower cholesterol fast.

 Keep vital information at your fingertips with our FAQ sheets and downloadable food lists.

All of this will help facilitate informed conversations with your doctors. 


Module 2

Learn heart-smart grocery shopping strategies.

Personalize our heart-smart grocery list for efficient, heart-healthy shopping.

Lower your food bill while increasing the health benefits of your meals. 


Module 3

Prepare simple, delicious, cholesterol-lowering recipes your whole family will love.

Access our library of delicious, heart-healthy, international breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snack recipes to create meal menus.


Module 4

Learn strategies for enjoying restaurants, social gatherings, and holidays while staying on course for healthy cholesterol levels.   

Throw festive, heart-healthy dinner parties everyone will love with our party meal planner.


Module 5

 Leverage the 6 Pillars of Health to accelerate progress health on your path to greater well-being. 

1st Pillar: Digestion and Diet

2nd Pillar: Hydration

3rd Pillar: Movement

4th Pillar: Sleep

5th Pillar: Breath

6th Pillar: Mental/Emotional Alignment




1. Weekly Q&A calls with Stacy and Markus that are recorded and saved in our library for you.


2. Membership in our private online community moderated by us. 

Investment: $324

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RaMona Sauvage and John Gorman

“It has been sheer grace to have Stacy as our primary healing professional for the last 8 years. Her level of experience, caring and presence has been profound and deeply beneficial.” 

Willie Thomas

“As an observer of Stacy Naugle’s work ethic, I can’t say enough about her concern for perfection, her dedication to her profession, and her concern for the well-being of her friends and colleagues. Stacy will be an able and willing partner in any endeavor she might undertake.”

Syd Exton

“Stacy will give you her full attention and expertise, nurture your soul, and heal you to her best ability. I highly recommend her.” 

How would it feel to see these results on your blood tests too?

This client lowered her LDL (bad cholesterol), 17% in just 3 weeks as she started to integrate our dietary recommendations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your instructors? 

Over the last three decades, we’ve helped thousands of people motivated like you to optimize their mental and physical performance. 

But we're a little different than most health coaches. 

Markus and Stacy are scientists who leverage:

  • 27 years eating a whole food plant-based diet,
  • 30 years of private medical practice experience,
  • Myriad experience as a consultant to healthcare and biotech industries, emergency medicine technician, reiki practitioner, and yoga instructors, 
  • A Master’s in Acupuncture and Asian Medicine and a molecular biology degree from MIT,
  • Raising our two vibrant sons Nikko and Orion vegan since conception, and
  • More than 50 years of exploring our edges through an active and adventurous lifestyle.

We're honored to support you on your journey to greater health and well-being. 

Are these the results and care you want too?

We are committed to helping you lower your cholesterol and live a long, health-filled life.

If you want this for yourself, click the button below and start on your journey towards greater well-being today. 

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